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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Pam Anderson Wants Her Big Boobs Back

Former “Baywatch” bombshell Pamela Anderson says she got her breast implants back after divorcing her husband because she missed them too much.

According to, busty Pam had originally taken out her implants after her spilt with former Motley Crue frontman Tommy Lee nearly eight years ago, but decided to return to the operating theatre to have her breasts augmented once again.

Pam said she hated being without implants and even referred to them as her “pals”.

She has however claimed to have enjoyed the feeling of finally being able to see her feet without her cleavage blocking them from view, reports

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Getting Paid for Sex

PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - An Oregon doctor, who had sex with a patient and then charged the state about $5,000 for his "treatments," has been jailed for 60 days and stripped of his license, officials said on Friday.

Dr. Randall J. Smith, 50, told the woman that massaging her "trigger points" would ease her pelvic pain. The treatments led to sexual intercourse and Smith billed the Oregon Health Plan for the 45-minute sessions at the Adventist Health Medical Group clinic in Gresham, Oregon, near Portland.

Smith must also perform 200 hours of community service and pay $1,105 in fines and is on probation for 18 months as part of the plea agreement. He also turned in his medical license.

Though he pleaded guilty to submitting false health care claims, a felony, Smith maintained the sex with the 47-year-old woman was consensual.

Adventist repaid about $5,000 to the state, David Russell, clinic administrator for the hospital said.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Check out these Tetonas!

grade tetonas

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Barbi Twins - Where Are They Now?

barbi twinsI'm not sure why but yesterday instead of working I decided to do some searches on Google and Yahoo for the Barbi Twins.

Remember the Barbi Twins, twins with huge tits, big asses, and a lesbian mom. Apparently they both screwed the same boyfriend once and they did some layouts for Playboy in the early '90's (which I remember well).

After doing some searches for them, I was surprised to see that I couldn't really find an official Barbi Twins website quite easily and also didn't find many pics after their 1992 Playboy Pictorial... that was 12 years ago. Where are the Barbi Twins?

Shane and Sia Barbi first shot to fame in the mid 90's with two of Playboy's top selling issues. The Barbi Twins also started the multimillion-dollar calendar business with four worldwide #1 selling calendars. This made them household names and generated TV & movie scripts which were written for them, exclusively. After becoming comic book heroines, "The Hollywood Icons", as the media called them, took a sabbatical at the peak of their careers.

The choice of a quiet life enabled them to recover from their life-death struggle with bulimia and finish their degrees in nutrition. They are back to share their experience, strength and hope with their new book, "DYING TO BE HEALTHY".

So, the Barbi Twins went Oprah? "Shane and Sia Barbi, the international models and Hollywood celebrities professionally known as the Barbi Twins, were forced to leave the entertainment industry at the height of their careers due to a life-threatening eating disorder."

Seems fair. They were also riding the post 9/11 marketing wave and were declared the Official PinUp Girls of the US Military and published a calendar and series of posters with their healthy selves spread out all over the American flag. They must be Republicans!

The Barbi Twins also did a great interview with the Advocate, a gay magazine, about growing up with a Lesbian mother and beating their eating disorders.

Petra Verkaik's Past Marriage Problems and Playmate Fund

Even Playmates fall in love, sometimes. We are often bombarded with flattery from men all over the world who think we are really something. We get used to that. One thing we don't get used to is the men who get next to us and make us believe they are the guy for us. At the time it seems so right.

All About Petra Verkaik
We become engaged to be married. We open our lives, as well as our hearts, to these lovers. Sometimes we open our professional lives which naturally overlap onto our private lives, and begin a working relationship with these men who 'love' us. When we trust, we often open our bank accounts too, to our dismay, at times.

How does a Playmate know when a seemingly great guy is really in love with her, or sees her as a stepping stone to his professional success, a link to her connections? How does she know when he's looking at her with those tender eyes and seeing only her marketability? When she does know, it is often after a terrible price has been paid.

Petra Verkaik, Playboy's Miss December 1989, is paying just such a price. She fell in love a couple of years ago with a hunk named Scott James Strohmeyer who was computer-savvy. He'd worked for a couple of website companies, like CastNet, a site for the promotion of actors. He convinced her that he could help her make her website a profitable thing. He asked her to marry him, she said 'yes'andhis name went onto her checking account so he could write the checks whenshewas busy working and traveling as popular Playmates do. It took some of thestress off her. But, not for long.

In the end, the relationship became abusive. He was flirting with the other Playmates whom he met at the exclusive Playboy Mansion parties. He was hustling up more work for himself through the connections made available by Petra, got in with her girlfriends and because Petra was involved, they trusted him.

Finally, in the final scene of their life together, Scott slammed Petra into the wall, she tried to defend herself. I know what a huge muscle man this guy is, and Petra with her delicate bone structure is hardly a match. I think Scott got a couple of scratches on his arm. Petra's bruises hadn't come up yet, not until after she was arrested and thrown in jail for domestic abuse.

Yes, it's true. The muscle man called 911. While Petra was in jail waiting for her mom to mortgage her house to bail her out, Scott cleaned out her bank account. He has sued her for half of her website business, use of her photographic image and kept all of her belongings which the court ordered him to return. He swore he didn't have them. Petra called me on her cell phone from in front of her former apartment while she was waiting for her $285/hour attorney to go in and retrieve her hidden belongings, which included even her baby pictures.

It's not over, yet, and Petra is seeing all her hard work building her web business go down the tubes. She is in dire straits and having to pay money to defend herself against this opportunistic abuser.

I, as a sister Playmate, have offered myself as the director of a Fund Drive to help pay Petra's legal fees and get the word out to the fans that she is in need.

Please, send your check or money order in Petra's name and I will present her with all of your loving contributions. Or go to and subscribe!

My address:

c/o Victoria Valentino
PO Box 12324
La Crescenta, CA 91224-5324

For further inquiries:

Thanks from the bottom of our Playmate hearts.

Victoria Valentino
Playboy's Miss September 1963
"Under Our Skin"
Adelphia Cable


Anyone hear any news on Petra lately? If so, please leave a comment.